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Water Wells for Widows

Contaminated water is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by countless millions of the world’s most vulnerable families. It is the single biggest threat to their health and well-being.

For all of us, water is “the stuff of life” and a basic human right, but nearly two million children a year die simply because they lack access to clean water and proper sanitation. 

Yet for just £300 you can build a hand-pump water well that provides a widow and her family with enough clean water to drink, wash, cook and grow their own crops for life.

For Westerners, it’s hard to imagine the amazing difference a local water well can make to a rural community struggling against poverty, hunger and drought. 

When we build a new well in a rural community, the reaction is immediate and incredible: entire villages smile and laugh. It’s a natural human reaction to the life-changing impact that a reliable supply of fresh, clean water brings.

One Water Well

Provide clean, safe water

Two Water Wells

Provide clean, safe water

Three Water Wells

Provide clean, safe water

Four Water Wells

Provide clean, safe water

Five Water Wells

Provide clean, safe water

Solar Panel and water centre

Solar panel and water centre

Water wells transform the long-term prospects of communities, and they are the best protection we have against water-related diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery and diarrhoea that routinely kill millions of people in the developing world every year. 

Clean fresh water brings proper sanitation and clear drinking water, feeds livestock and waters crops, safeguards children and the elderly against disease and removes the need for children and women to risk their lives walking miles to collect water for their families.

Put simply, water save lives. Once your well is built you’ll receive a special feedback report with photographs of the community and your well, alongside a heartfelt message from the parents and families whose lives you’ve changed.

Please consider the life-affirming difference you can make to a widow and her children by building a community water well for only £300 (or £25 a month for a year).

Solar Water Panel and Power Centre 

The Solar Panel Water and Power Centre is a specially designed project that provides water and electricity to entire communities.

Our solar water panel and power centre provide running water to homes of up to 1,500 people and 1,000 livestock, but also supply electricity and power to schools and mosques as well!
Our Solar Water Panel & Power Centre can fill a reservoir that holds enough to hold 3 days worth of water.