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Building a home for homeless orphans

Save an Orphan is an international humanitarian aid charity dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned children around the world.

Where there are significant numbers of orphans and no local facilities to help, we convert existing buildings into orphanages or build them from scratch.

So far we have built new orphanages across Asia and Africa and are now in the final stages of the construction of a new orphan village that will become home to up to 100 orphans.

The village has running water and electricity and includes ten homes, a medical centre and access to a local community school where children can learn, thrive and socialise with children their own age. 

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Provide Five Bricks


Provide Ten Bricks


An estimated 5,760 children become orphans every day, and many more homes are needed to safeguard defenceless young children from poverty, abuse and exploitation. 

We can only continue this life saving work with help from your kind donations.

You can transform a community and provide a safe haven for generations of the worlds poorest orphans by contributing towards one of our orphanage building projects.

By donating as little as £100 your support will go towards creating not only a home, but an oasis of safety, stability and security for children who have nowhere else to turn.