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Income Generation for Struggling Families 

Save an Orphan believes in helping widowed families support themselves financially, and we offer a range of practical gifts that will support a whole family for years.


You can help a widow by donating livestock such as cows, sheep, goats or chicken farms, produce such as vegetable gardens, honey farms, or olive trees, or equipment such as sewing machines, bicycles and rickshaws.


Each gift enables a widowed family to provide for themselves and improve their lives, and empowers a family to stand on their own two feet for many years to come.

Donate a Goat

A goat will provide milk to drink and provide fertiliser to help crops and kids to sell at market.

Donate a Household Chicken Farm

A chicken will provide eggs to eat and sell.

Donate a Rickshaw

Gives the opportunity of employment as a courier or taxi driver.