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Feed a family in need

Save an Orphan is committed to supporting widows and orphaned children who are struggling to survive poverty and food shortages in developing countries.

The loss of a parent can often plunge a family into real crisis: not only have they lost a loved one, they have also lost the family’s sole provider, placing them at much greater risk of poverty, malnutrition and starvation.

Malnourishment has terrible consequences, particularly for children and pregnant mothers: it retards bone formation and physical growth, compromises their immune system, increases vulnerability to infections and has devastating long-term effects on cognitive development.

Save an Orphan teams work on the front line of poverty, delivering life-saving emergency food parcels to widowed families living in poverty throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Donate £50 today and you can send a vital food pack containing healthy, locally-sourced produce that will feed a destitute and impoverished family for a month or £600 for the whole year.   

One Food Pack

Feeds a family for a month

Two Food Packs

Feeds two families for a month

Three Food Packs

Feeds three families for a month

Four Food Packs

Feeds four families for a month

Five Food Packs

Feeds five families for a month