Send A Little Hope Orphanage. South Rompur, Bangladesh

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Work so far...

Land erosion is a constant threat in Bangladesh, that's why we've completed the soil testing to ensure that the orphanage can withstand the forces of nature.

The first phase of the laying the foundations has also been completed. The 100 orphans that live in Send A Little Hope South Rompur Orphanage now desperately need our help to complete the building of the orphanage so they can have a safe place to live.

State of the art facilities

The orphanage will be built using the latest technology to make it completely self sufficient. Solar panels will be used to reduce the cost of energy bills and play and learn zones within the school will make learning fun.

Living accommodation within the orphanage will comfortably house more than 100 orphans in safe and clean dormitories.

We need your help

We are now ready to begin work on phase 2 of the project which is the construction phase. The structure of the building will be built to withstand the frequent cyclones and monsoon rains that affect Bangladesh every year.

We desperately need your help to complete phase 2 and give orphans a safe and secure place to live.