Giving Warmth to Orphans in Gaza

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The most severe weather conditions in decades have hit Gaza causing more misery and suffering for thousands of orphans.

A powerful winter storm swept across Palestine bringing torrential rain and bitter cold to Gaza causing hundreds of families to flee their homes. In some places the floodwater rose to almost 7 feet and caused destruction to homes and businesses and, as in all natural disasters, it is the children that suffer the most.

Save An Orphan has been working tirelessly to provide the most vulnerable children with winter packs so they can survive the harsh winter. Working alongside our partners, Alfalah Benevolent Society, we have been able to distribute warm blankets, coats, gloves, socks and hats to those most in need.

We have managed to help many children but there are thousands more that still need our help. Just £10 will help buy a child in Gaza a blanket and keep them safe in this harsh winter.

Will you give just £10 and help a child survive this winter? Please help now.