Fundraisers hit the streets of London, Birmingham and Swansea

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Save An Orphan has once again taken to the road in search of new volunteers, this time to Birmingham and London. Shahz Hussain, a fundraiser from Swansea said " the trip was an overwhelming success, we have managed to get the pledge to help from a number of volunteers from Birmingham and London.

This year we are going to do all we can to raise as much money for orphans as possible, and with the help of the these eager volunteers we will certainly make a huge difference to the poverty stricken children of bangladesh".

The Bangladesh campaign will focus on the aftermath of cyclone Sidr which affected the lives of more that 8.9 million, leaving a huge number of children orphaned.

Although the cyclone occurred in 2007 many people are still struggling to recover ad are facing a life of increased poverty but with your help we can get these vulnerable orphans back on their feet and give them something to look forward to tomorrow.