Charity dinner report: 'An Evening with Dr. Hesham al-Awadi'

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Dr. Hesham al-Awadi, a prominent scholar and orator, kindly took time out of his busy schedule to support Save An Orphan by giving talks at 3 different cities: Manchester, Birmingham and London.

The topic of the lecture was "How can Muhammad (pbuh) make you extraordinary?". Based on his forthcoming book, the lectures delved into the life and teachings of Muhammad (pbuh) the man as opposed to the prophet. Dr. Hesham spent a year researching the 'Sirah or the life of Muhammad (pbuh)' resulting in the most definitive book on the Sirah of the final prophet.

The lecture consisted of a complete breakdown of the actions of Muhammad (pbuh) and his disciples, to give an insight into how he lived his life and how we could emulate his actions to become extraordinary ourselves.

One of the topics covered in the lecture was leadership, but not leadership in the political or business sense but in a family and society context. What Dr. Hesham suggests is that we are all seen as a leader to some other individual: it may be our children, peers or siblings.

He then went on to describe how Muhammad (pbuh) led his people to from being the minority to becoming the overwhelming majority of the Arab world. His actions of leadership are recommended to us to use in our daily lives when we communicate with those who regard us as their leaders.

It was a truly inspiring and eye opening lecture and many of the people who attended the lecture have said that they will use Dr. Hesham's teachings to make changes in their lives.

Our host Na'eem Raza did a wonderful job highlighting the cause of orphans around the world. Also appearing during the 3 city tour was singer songwriter Saif Adam.

"The tour was a great success and all guests thoroughly enjoying the whole evening. We would like to sincerely thank Dr. Hesham and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again" said Fundraising Manager Shahjahan Hussain.