Over £22,000 pledged at our Cardiff charity dinner 'Orphans & The Mercy of Allah'

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The people of Cardiff once again stepped up and showed overwhelming generosity and support by pledging to raise over £22,000 for the desperate orphans of Bangladesh. The dedicated individuals who came showed true commitment to the cause to pledge such an incredible amount of money.

The event was hosted by Save an Orphan's Fundraising Manager, Shahjahan Hussain who was able to give a first hand account of the situation in Bangladesh. The event was started with a recitation from the blessed Qur'an by Isam Moghul followed by talks by distinguished orators: Dr. Abdalla Yassin and Ajmal Masroor.

Dr. Abdalla Yassin gave a heartfelt talk about how Allah will bestow His mercy upon those who help orphans and the needy, and how it is our collective duty as Muslims to come together and fight poverty and abuse for the sake of the vulnerable orphans. The softly spoken scholar entranced the audience with his gentle yet powerful lecture and gave an emotional plea for the poverty stricken orphans of Bangladesh which resulted in huge support from the hugely generous attendees.

Ajmal Masroor gave a similar talk about the importance of charity in Islam. Ajmal Masroor has a style of delivering lectures which really engages the audience and captures their imagination. All in all it was a very successful afternoon! The afternoon ended with an auction conducted by Ajmal Masroor at which items donated by the generous attendees were auctioned.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our speakers: Dr. Abdalla Yassin and Ajmal Masroor and all at ISSA Wales. A huge thank you must go to brothers Saleem Kidwai and Abdul Azim from the Muslim Council of Wales for their support in making this event a reality. InshaAllah we will be back in Cardiff very soon!