A Lifeline Through Education

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As part of our Lifeline Through Education campaign we visited many primary schools around the country and asked the pupils to raise money for the millions of children who are less fortunate them around the world. The pupils responded with overwhelming support and raised a fantastic amount for vulnerable orphans.

We asked the children to fill empty jars with spare change that they got from family and friends. The pupils showed great initiative by not only filling the jars with spare change but also by raising money from selling cakes, asking their neighbours for sponsorships, and raising money in groups rather than individually.

One of the schools involved was St. Helen’s Primary who raised almost £400, with some individual children raising more than £50 each. Shazy the Lion was on hand to present prizes and certificates to the biggest fundraisers.

“We can’t believe the level of support we had from all the children, they really connected with the orphans and raised a huge amount of money. Their efforts will help give the most desperate orphans hope of a brighter future.” said Muslimah Miah, Fundraising manager for Wales.

This is an on-going campaign and we will be in a primary school near you very soon. If you would like us to visit your school then you can contact us at