Read about our appeals and how they're going to help thousands of needy children

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsoring to save an orphan turns the dream of a happy stable childhood into a reality for a disadvantage orphan child. Your sponsorship could be life changing; you will create a special connection with a child, as you receive regular letters, drawings, and school reports.
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Orphan House

Our orphan homes are made with love and dreams to give orphans somewhere they can truly call home. These buildings ensure orphans are safe, secure and happy, providing them with a place to play, learn, and socialise.
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Widow & Orphan Food Pack

Devastated widows and their orphaned children are in urgent need of our help as they face starvation. A £50 food pack donation will feed a family with nutritious meals for an entire month.
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Water Well for Widows

Support a widow and her orphaned children through a difficult time by building a well so she can access clean and safe water to care for her family.
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